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Crackers In Bed: Tonight I Chose a Quiet Snack & Other Favors He Will Never Know I Did for Him

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Ever thought about the impact of the choices you make and the ones you choose NOT to make?

Unseen Acts, Unspoken Love

In the tapestry of a relationship, the threads of love are woven through countless choices—some grand and sweeping, others subtle and seemingly inconsequential. The smallest threads often weave the most profound connections. Tonight, as I reflect on the small acts of kindness I've chosen, I realize the profound impact our choices have on the tapestry of our relationships. For example, tonight's quiet snack —a gesture born from a deep understanding of my husband's needs. In this exploration of unconditional love, let's delve into the intricacies of relationships, weaving in the complexities of misophonia—a condition where certain sounds can trigger intense discomfort or anxiety. Anchored in the wisdom gained from being aligned with your body, brain, and breath, we'll uncover the secrets to fostering happiness, health, and wealth in the context of a partnership that demands extra sensitivity. Let's explore the concept of unconditional love, and how practicing it can transform our connections, and we'll uncover some of the secrets to fostering happiness, health, and wealth in the context of our most cherished relationships.


The body, a vessel of shared intimacy, takes on new significance when considering the unique needs of a partner. My husband, a light sleeper with misophonia, transforms the choice of a quiet snack from a simple act into an intentional act of love. In opting for mindful, noise-free options, I not only nourish our bodies but also create an environment that respects his need for tranquility during the night.

In relationships where individual needs differ, the choices we make—whether in diet, sleep routines, or other physical aspects—become gestures of profound love and consideration, nurturing the foundation of happiness and health.


Understanding and navigating the intricacies of misophonia becomes a crucial element in the dance of love. Choosing to forgo loud, crunchy snacks in favor of silence is not merely a physical choice but a mindful act that shapes the landscape of our relationship. It's about cultivating a positive mindset that embraces the nuances of our shared experiences, fostering an environment where love can thrive amidst the challenges.

By choosing thoughts and actions that accommodate the unique needs of a partner with misophonia, we create a space where the brain becomes a sanctuary for understanding and love, nurturing the seeds of happiness.


In moments when intentional choices become the bridge between body and brain, breathwork takes on new significance. Tonight, as I take a quiet moment to breathe deeply and center myself, I recognize the importance of incorporating breath into the fabric of our relationship. A shared breath, a synchronized pause—these choices bring a sense of calm and connection, enhancing the richness of our shared experiences.

Through intentional breathwork, we infuse our relationship with a sense of presence and tranquility, creating a wealth of shared moments that transcend the ordinary, especially in the context of misophonia.

Kizen Living: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Relationships

As we navigate the dance of love, the body, brain, and breath can guide us toward a relationship that is not only enduring but flourishing in happiness, health, and wealth.

  1. Small, intentional choices that cater to the unique needs of a partner with misophonia contribute to ongoing happiness, fostering an environment of understanding and joy.

  2. Prioritizing the well-being of both partners, physically and mentally, creates a relationship that is resilient and enduring.

  3. The true wealth of a relationship lies not just in material success but in the shared experiences, the growth, and the emotional richness cultivated through intentional choices, particularly those accommodating misophonia.

This example may seem trite to some, but to others is a testament to the intricate dance of unconditional love, enriched by the nuances of understanding your partner intimately and without judgement. It's about recognizing that love, especially in the face of unique challenges, is a series of intentional, mindful choices that contribute to the well-being and growth of both partners. As we embark on this journey of love, may our choices be guided by the wisdom of gained from the body, brain, and breath, creating relationships that are not only enduring but flourishing in happiness, health, and wealth, even in the quietest moments of consideration.


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