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People often ask me to explain conscious eating, and then they equally often seem surprised at the answer.  Conscious eating is simply making eating choices ON PURPOSE.  While I could speak for hours about all the different ways that can show up in a person's life, what it is really is that simple.

For some people, conscious eating means finding satisfying alternatives to traditional sugar to meet both the medical requirements of living well with diabetes and the psychological cravings that drive us to sweet foods in the first place.  For other people, conscious eating may mean adhering to certain eating regimens, such as a paleo diet, vegan diet, or rainbow diet.  For all of us, the first step to conscious eating is to establish an intention into which we want to move forward and then to equip ourselves with the best tools -- new information, delivered meals, coaching, or maybe accountability and reinforcement -- to manifest that intention.

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us are rarely making many choices ON PURPOSE anymore. Have you ever driven home and when you pulled into your own driveway you were unable to recall exactly how you even got there?! The habits and daily activities in which we engage are the small steps we are taking toward an undeniable destination that can only be reached by a unique set of choices. Sometimes we make choices with a particular expectation or outcome in mind only to realize a totally different result.  The reasons for these choices that may not serve an individual's best interest can be many, including misinformation or lack of helpful information, external influences, and psychological impulses.  The personal empowerment comes with understanding that while the destination is undeniable based on the choices you make, the choices you make are completely within your control!

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