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Workplace Wellness

Personal Growth is Profitable.

Workplace Wellness Events

Educate & Elevate

Host Kizen Living for a special event to bring your business community together.  Whether you are a small business of just a few people or you are part of a large corporation employing many people, a wellness event facilitated by Kizen Living can help you grow your business in aligned ways.  Workplace Wellness events can be customized to best accommodate the current needs of your business and the people who run it, which means they might be more informative and interactive, or they might be experiential in design, but they will always be enjoyable and beneficial.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs are for the business owner who understands the inextricable connection between personal health and well-being of each individual employee or person working in the business and the profitability of the business.
What if a 10-minute "break" could
raise your business bottom line?

Research has proven over and over again that incorporating meditation and guided breathwork into a person's daily routine can support them in having better focus, more energy, and better access to recovery from stress, which are also characteristics of successful and satisfied employees.

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