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Kizen Koaching Kontainers

G.R.O.W. Into Your Goals with Guided Support

6-Week Koaching Kontainer

One New Habit

Research indicates that it takes 40 days of consistent practice to establish a new habit.  Oftentimes, in our lives we are accidentally establishing not-so-healthy habits by consistently engaging in behaviors not serving our highest interests. 

Working together for six weeks allows you the time and support to establish a new healthy habit that helps you in  living your life on purpose with purpose.

12-Week Koaching Kontainer

Sustained Change

The  12-week Kizen Koaching Kontainer is intended to support you in achieving clearly defined goal(s).  A detailed plan of action is co-created for each week as well as each day in each week to guide you through every step required in manifesting your intended results.  Regular and predictable accountability will help you in staying on task and compassionate guidance will help you to reorient back on track, should it be necessary.

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