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Kizen Offerings

Konnection and growth can happen in many different ways and at Kizen Living we strive to create aligned options and opportunities for people with diverse interests and levels of curiosity.

Kizen Koaching Kontainers

A Kizen Koaching Kontainer is an intensive and intentioned opportunity to make tangible and desired change in your life.  Whether you are seeking support while achieving a specific goal or are more interested in making sustainable changes that will last, the Kizen Koaching Kontainer can be the aligned combination of accountability, compassion, and creativity that YOU need to finally experience a joyful difference in your day-to-day experience.

One New Habit
6 Weeks

Research indicates that it takes 40 days of consistent practice to establish a new habit.  Oftentimes, in our lives we are accidentally establishing not-so-healthy habits by consistently engaging in behaviors not serving our highest interests.  Working together for six weeks allows you the time and support to establish a new healthy habit that helps support you  living your life on purpose with purpose.

Sustained Change
12 Weeks

Research indicates that it takes 40 days of consistent practice to establish a new habit. Working together for twelve weeks creates the supportive space to not only establish some new healthy habits, but it also allows for the results of your sustained growth to become noticable and integrated in your Experience.

Kizen Kourses

If an intensive Kizen Koaching Kontainer does not feel aligned for you right now, Kizen Kourses are a great way to learn more about how Quantum Human Design can support you experiencing happier, healthier, and more successful relationships at home and in business. 

Parenting By Design

This is a transformative 6-week course based on the work and research of Karen Curry Parker that guides parents in understanding and supporting their children based on the principles of Human Design. This course is a unique blend of insights from Human Design, neuroscience, and practical parenting strategies.

Business By Design

This is a transformative 6-week course based on the work and research of Karen Curry Parker that guides entrepreneurs in understanding and supporting their business mission, vision, and goals based on the principles of Human Design. This course is a unique blend of insights from Human Design, neuroscience, and practical business strategies.

Coming Soon


Energetic Blueprint Analysis

If you want to gain insight from a better understanding of your own unique, energetic blueprint without committing to the more action-oriented Koaching Kontainer, you are invited to schedule UP TO THREE (3) E.B.A. sessions that may include a composite reading with another person's chart, if relationship dynamics are the area of focus. 

Level I

This is for you if you're newer to Astrology and Human Design or if you are challenged to piece together your chart and find yourself wanting a comprehensive reading of your unique Design.  A Level I session is a great introduction to the highly complex systems of self-understanding that include tropical astrology and Human Design. 

Level II

A Level II session is a deeper dive into the highly complex system of self-understanding that is Human Design.

Level III

A Level III session is a focused exploration of your personal Life experience that can help you experience the natural Joy we are all hardwired to experience. 

These Relationship Composite Analysis packages include three (3) hour-long sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of the relationship.  Using the lens of human design, we will explore the energetic blueprints of both people as well as a composite blueprint showing how the two interface that can yield major insights into the relationship dynamics between the two people.

Workplace Wellness

Whether you are a small business of just a few people or you are part of a large corporation employing many people, a wellness event or program facilitated by Kizen Living can help you grow your business in aligned ways. 

Wellness Events

Workplace Wellness events can be customized to best accommodate the current needs of your business and the people who run it, which means they might be more informative and interactive, or they might be experiential in design, but they will always be enjoyable and beneficial. Host Kizen Living for a special event to bring your business community together. 

Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs are for the business owner who understands the inextricable connection between personal health and well-being of each individual employee or person working in the business and the profitability of the business. Host Kizen Living for a wellness program to bring your business community together. 

Kizen Living a la Carte

Kizen Living happens in so many different ways, and even if koaching and kourses are not for YOU right now, there are still lots of ways we can work together to help you experience more ease and joy in your life today.

Kraft Therapy

Therapeutic crafts include painting; fiber arts, such as embroidery and knitting; paper arts, including scrapbooking and origami; wood crafts; building models; and jewelry-making among others.  Schedule a Kraft Therapy session today and leave the experience with a new craft as well as the potential to live a new and more balanced Experience, especially when confronted with the inevitable challenges that cross our paths daily.

Tarot Card Reading

Whether you are struggling with a choice or challenged by a circumstance or simply looking for a different perspective, tarot cards can offer you an access point to living life with more joy and greater ease.  The cards cannot give you answers you do not already know, but they be the doorway through which you can move towards those answers and what best serves you.

Chakra Balancing with Crystals

Experience a 60-90 minute chakra balancing session, which may include various techniques and tools, such as reiki, crystals, meditation, and breath work, depending on the individual's needs. While it is best to release all expectations regarding your experience and the outcome, the purpose is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. 

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki will be facilitated by incorporating a gentle, 'hands-on' approach and also above the body work with the auric field for chakra balancing. Various sounds, music, and instruments may be integrated into the session to assist the energetic flow and balancing. Each session is unique to the client and many clients report feeling a deep sense of relaxation during and after a session. 

Clean Space,
Better Place

Using your personal Quantum Human Design blueprint and the O.D.D. principle, we can work in alignement with your  natural energetics to designate how to Organize, Donate, or Discard the "things" in your space that are actually getting in your way of living freely & feeling better.

Energetic Space Clearing

Energetic space clearing sessions can remove the energy imprints of previous occupants when you move into a new home as well as refresh and reset the energy of a home or business if you have gone through a major change or a challenging time.  Let's take the time to clean out the energetic clutter that might be stagnating the flow of energy in your home, office, car or other space and create a new sense of belonging and rootedness.

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