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Let's Get Together & Grow Together!

Retreats & Events

Retreats and topic-focused events are a way for the Kizen Kommunity to come together to support each other, learn from each other, and make an impact on each other before going back into their own lives with an improved contribution to every one of their relationships.


Retreats are a special Kontainer for connection, reflection, and aligned growth together, and the time commitment is typically from three to seven days, depending on the accessibility of the magical locations where the group is hosted.  The intention of the more intimate and intensive setting is to facilitate and accelerate access to that which is feeling just beyond reach.  You are guaranteed to return home  better version of yourself after a Kizen retreat.


Kizen Events are a unique opportunity to explore aspects of guided personal improvement in a group setting and in more interactive ways.  Events might include educational opportunities as well as experiential opportunities and always incorporate a combination of movement, stillness, and appreciation as we realign to our body, brain, and breath in joy-filled ways with joyful folks.

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