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A Level III Energy Blueprint analysis may only be experienced following a Level II Energy Blueprint analysis, as there is an expectation of a foundational understanding of your own energetic blueprint.


This 60-minute session focuses on a specific challenge about which you are clear you are currently struggling and is designed for the person who is ready to recalibrate their day-to-day experience to better match their natural energetic strengths to live with less resistance.


  • Incarnation Cross - the intersection of your spiritual purpose and your physical experience;
  • Gates - the energy flowing from you;
  • Channels - the connections between energetic centers, both within and between individuals.


A Level III session is a focus exploration of your personal Life experience that can help you experience the natural Joy we are all wired to experience.  If the insight you gain in a Level III session sparks your interest to explore how to better align your own unique energetic anatomy with the life of your dreams, you may want to consider investing in understanding yourself better with a 6- or 12-month guided personal inquiry, where truly live-changing growth and change can occur is a safe and supportive container.

Energy Blueprint Analysis - Level III

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