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A Level III Energetic Blueprint Analysis is designed for those who have completed Levels I and II and are ready to explore the deepest layers of their Human Design. This advanced 60-minute session provides a comprehensive understanding of your unique energetic blueprint, enabling profound personal transformation and alignment with your true purpose.

In this session, we will focus on:

  • Life Theme: The overarching narrative that shapes your journey and experiences.
  • Advanced Gates and Channels: A deeper exploration of the specific energies and connections that define your interactions and relationships.
  • Planetary Influences: How the positions of planets at your birth affect your energetic makeup and life path.

A Level III session takes you into the most intricate aspects of Human Design, offering unparalleled insights into your true self. If this advanced analysis inspires you to further explore and align with your unique energetic anatomy, consider investing in a comprehensive 6-week or 12-week guided personal inquiry. In this supportive and nurturing environment, you can achieve transformative growth and lasting fulfillment.

Energy Blueprint Analysis - Level III

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