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A Level II Energy Blueprint analysis may only be experienced following a Level I Energy Blueprint analysis, as there is an expectation of a general understanding of the basics of your own energetic blueprint.


This 60-minute session focuses on your true Purpose in the lifetime, specifically exploring your:


  • Incarnation Cross - the intersection of your spiritual purpose and your physical experience;
  • Gates - the energy flowing from you;
  • Channels - the connections between energetic centers, both within and between individuals.


A Level II session is a deeper dive into the highly complex system of self-understanding that is Human Design.  If the insight you gain in a Level II session sparks your interest to explore your own unique energetic anatomy, you may want to consider investing in understanding yourself better with a 6- or 12-month guided personal inquiry, where truly live-changing growth and change can occur is a safe and supportive container.

Energy Blueprint Analysis - Level II

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