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This is for you if you're newer to Astrology and Human Design or if you are challenged to piece together your chart and find yourself wanting a comprehensive reading of your unique Design.


In this initial 60-minute session, we will cover the basic elements of your natal charts through the lens of tropical astrology and Human Design including:


  • The "Big Three" in astrology - your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs
  • HD Energy Type - your nature role in Life
  • HD Strategy - how to best engage with Life
  • HD Authority - how to make choices you can trust
  • Basics of your personality
  • Areas in your Life where you enjoy action/structure and where you enjoy a receptive/go-with-the-flow energy


A Level I session is a great introduction to the highly complex systems of self-understanding that include tropical astrology and Human Design.  If the insight you gain in a Level I session sparks your interest to explore your own unique energetic anatomy, you may want to consider investing in understanding yourself better with a 6- or 12-month guided personal inquiry, where truly live-changing growth and change can occur is a safe and supportive container.


This investment in better understanding yourself to RECONNECT TO Y.O.U. includes a written report and a recording of your session to continue revisiting in the future.  These resources become great tools not only to remember the details of your session, but can become useful points of reference during your personal growth journey. 

Energy Blueprint Analysis - Level I

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