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Come get together with some other great folks to learn how to make your very own mala, infused with your own intention. Hang out for brunch snacks and enjoy some delicious mimosas while you create and shop for other handmade malas that have already been created and mala-making kits you can take home to make throughout the year and gift to other creators.


At the end of the event you can leave with a completed mala that is a beautifully powerful reminder of the intention you want to create this coming year and beyond!


Registration fee includes a complete mala-making kit with all the supplies necessary to create your own intention-infused mala for meditating or simply wearing as a reminder of your intention.*



Rising Harmonics

8120 Sheridan Blvd.
Bldg C, 3rd Floor
Westminster, CO 80003



Sunday December 31, 2023






* available options may vary, but trust that you will always get what is for YOU!

Malas & Mimosas

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