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This is a transformative 6-week course based on the work and research of Karen Curry Parker that guides parents in understanding and supporting their children based on the principles of Human Design. This course is a unique blend of insights from Human Design, neuroscience, and practical parenting strategies.

Throughout the six weeks, the Kizen Koach takes parents on a journey to discover the individuality and uniqueness of each child's Human Design. You'll explore how to tailor your parenting approach to align with your child's specific energy type, strategy, and authority. By understanding your child's design, you can create an environment that nurtures their natural strengths and helps them navigate challenges.

The course covers topics such as effective communication with different energy types, recognizing and respecting your child's decision-making process, and fostering a supportive and harmonious family dynamic. It's not just about parenting advice but about understanding and embracing the inherent nature of each child.

"Parenting By Design" empowers parents to move away from one-size-fits-all parenting models and instead encourages a personalized, Human Design-centered approach. By the end of the course, you'll not only have a deeper understanding of your child's unique qualities but also practical tools to foster a more harmonious and authentic parent-child relationship.

Registration includes:

  • 24/7 access to weekly recorded classes;
  • 12 LIVE group coaching calls (plus recordings) with other like-minded parents on this journey with you;
  • Workbook to support integration and application of new understandings about parenting;
  • Weekly slide handouts;
  • Other relevant resources, as needed.


LIVE calls scheduled for Sunday mornings at 8am MST and Thursday evenings at 6pm MST

Parenting By Design - 6 Weeks to Successful Parenting

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