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What if you understood your personal energetic strengths in such a way that everyone in your life saw you completely?


What if you and you partner understood why you love (and annoy) each other from an energetic perspective to make more empowered choices in your partnership?


Can you imagine a world where each person understood and valued their personal energetic strengths and was able to see others that same way?!


The "Relationships By Design" series includes three (3) hour-long sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of the relationship.  Using the lens of human design, we will explore the energetic blueprints of both partners as well as a composite blueprint that can yield major insights into the relationship dynamics between the two, including:


  • deep understanding and acceptance
  • awareness of why you both do what they do 
  • appreciation of each other, while honoring yourself 
  • strategies for working effectively together
  • insights and communication skills for navigating day-to-day life
    • what are they naturally good at? (and what "not so much"?)
    • do they like details or are they a big picture person?
    • what's the best way to ask them questions?
    • are they a starter or a finisher?  both?  neither?
    • are they a support person or a leader? 
    • do they crave information and step by step instructions or do they need to just try it themselves?
    • are they linear and logical, or more inclined to the throw-the-spaghetti-on-the-wall approach?
  • correct decision-making strategies for you both, and how you can support and empower your child
  • ways to help them to trust themselves while building trust in the relationship


Once I learned how to see my own partner's energetic strengths, it was a game-changer for our relationship.  Not only was I able to interact with less resistance, but the overall dynamic of the relationship became more resonant as well.


If experiencing relationships with LESS RESISTANCE and more MORE COHERENCE sounds like something you'd like to know, personally, schedule your Relationships By Design series sessions today!

Kizen Relationships

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