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Working together for twelve weeks provides a supportive space to establish new healthy habits and allows for noticeable, sustained growth integrated into your life. The 12-week framework, which condenses annual goals into 12-week cycles, is designed to promote urgency, focus, and efficiency. By setting clear, actionable goals and maintaining consistent evaluation and adjustment, you can achieve remarkable results in a shorter timeframe.


The Sustained Change 12-Week Program includes:


  • Twelve (12) one-on-one Guided Personal Improvement sessions: These sessions focus on why and how to establish new healthy habits, as well as practicing, modifying, and integrating these behaviors into your daily routine.
  • One (1) Human Design bodygraph chart reading: Gain deeper insights into your unique energetic blueprint.
  • Access to weekly group Koaching calls in the Kizen Kommunity: Benefit from the support and accountability of a like-minded community.
  • Text message access with rapid response: Receive timely support and guidance whenever you need it.

This program leverages the principles of the 12-Week Year, including vision creation, detailed planning, process control, and frequent progress reviews, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your goals. By committing to this structure, you’ll experience transformative growth and lasting positive change in your life.

Sustained Change - 12-Week Program

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