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Are things feeling a bit off at the office? Have you ever walked into work and immediately wanted to walk right back out?

Kizen Living can help identify and address imbalances in your workplace to better support both your employees and your business.


Workplace Wellness Webinars/Workshops focus on understanding and improving the energetic hygiene of your workspace and its impact on employee productivity and well-being. Each one highlights a relevant topic for your business community and encourages employees to implement suggested practices for a healthier work environment.

Our offerings include:

  • Lyrical Sound Baths: Immerse your staff in soothing sound therapy to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity.
  • Guided Meditation Sessions: Provide your team with a chance to relax and refocus, improving overall productivity and morale.
  • Energetic Space Clearing: Recalibrate your office environment to promote positive energy and a more harmonious workplace.
  • Informative Lectures: Expand your team's perspective on wellness with engaging talks on various health and productivity topics.

Let Kizen Living facilitate workplace improvement just as we guide personal development for individuals. Our holistic approach ensures that your workplace becomes a space where everyone feels motivated, supported, and ready to excel.

Workplace Wellness Webinar/Workshop - 60 minutes

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