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Live On Purpose With Purpose
Happy & Healthy

The body is a fundamental pillar of personal improvement, allowing us to tap into various interconnected aspects of our individual experience, including the brain and breath. Through movement, we can realign the body, brain, and breath together, fostering empowerment in both our lives and relationships.


At Kizen Living, our philosophy centers around doing more of what works well and doing less of what does not serve your highest interests. Many individuals today are inquiring about the actual significance of nurturing their bodies, and the answer is straightforward: it empowers you to feel your best. Rooted in ancient wisdom and a history that spans millennia, the practice of prioritizing your body is essential for your overall well-being.


Your body acts as a refuge from the daily challenges that can sometimes hinder the richness of life. In our increasingly hectic lives, filled with stress and fatigue, more and more people are seeking a path to relaxation and inner healing. Recognizing the profound benefits of turning your awareness inward, the body becomes an effective means to experience these positive changes.


Moreover, focusing on resiliency and integrity, we understand that the body plays a pivotal role in developing a greater awareness of our physical and psychological states. This awareness equips us to better manage our reactions to daily situations. It is through understanding the intricate interplay of your emotions, sensations, responses, and interpretations that you discover your true self. By stripping away external influences and distractions, you can reconnect with your authentic self and embark on a journey towards a fuller and more genuine life.

Kizen Living is dedicated to helping you harness the power of the body as one of the three core pillars of personal improvement, allowing you to achieve a life marked by joy, resiliency, and integrity.

Healthy & Wealthy

Understanding the inner workings of your mind is another of the central pillars of personal improvement. At Kizen Living, we emphasize the importance of resiliency and integrity in helping individuals align their thoughts and behaviors with their strengths and goals. This alignment is crucial for creating a successful and fulfilling life, as well as nurturing meaningful relationships.


When you grasp your own unique energetic blueprint and learn how to shed any misaligned conditioning and harmonize your thoughts and actions with your aspirations, you gain the insight needed to navigate life's challenges and opportunities effectively.

While counseling and coaching are both valuable tools in the realm of personal growth, it's essential to distinguish between the two and understand which one is best suited to your current needs.

Counseling primarily delves into the past, helping individuals revisit their life experiences and find healing from past wounds. Many people grapple with habits and beliefs that have roots in their childhood or early adulthood. The coping mechanisms they develop may manifest as disorders, stressors, anxiety, depression, or grief, leading to diverse reactions such as anger, frustration, avoidance, or unhealthy habits. The ultimate goal of counseling is to guide clients towards recovery from past wounds and enable them to embark on a journey of healing, freeing themselves from the pain of their past.


On the other hand, coaching is forward-focused. It's designed for individuals who are eager to bring about positive change and improvements in their lives, rather than delving into their past experiences. Coaching employs rigorous accountability and motivation to propel clients towards a future where they can achieve their specific goals. Whether it's in the business world, personal relationships, or wellness, coaching provides support for individuals seeking to reach their full potential and enhance their lifestyle. Coaching can cover a wide range of topics, but its core emphasis is on the future and helping clients reach their objectives.

Happy & Wealthy

The breath is a pillar of personal improvement as well, offering access to profound insights into the deepest and most ethereal aspects of life. At Kizen Living, we place great importance on resiliency and integrity, and the breath can be a great barometer indicating our alignment with your Life Purpose.

Breathwork provides a gateway to self-discovery that touches every facet of our experience, bridging the physical and non-physical dimensions of life and relationships.

In a healthy state, the subtle body operates much like a radio, all kinds of different frequencies may be floating around it, but the only one amplified oud enough to hear is the station to which it is tuned. However, when blockages or imbalances disrupt this energy system, life can become challenging. These imbalances can result from various factors, including life circumstances such as the loss of a loved one, job changes, or relationship transitions, as well as unconscious habits and behavioral patterns and conditioning.

Energy coaching involves working with the invisible yet influential subtle energy body to identify strengths, imbalances, and opportunities for personal growth. Practices like reiki activate the body's energy systems to remove these blocks, stimulating the body's innate ability to heal itself. Additionally, tools like the I-Ching, astrology, and tarot rely on this same energetic connection, providing various levels of personal insight.


In summary, the breath is a powerful conduit to personal transformation, connecting the physical and non-physical dimensions of our experience. Embracing its importance is a fundamental step in your journey toward resiliency and integrity, allowing you to unlock the profound insights that the breath can offer."

Therapy Sessions

At Kizen Living, our mission is to inspire and guide others in finding alignment with how your natural energy works best. 


Utilizing both stillness and movement, we can identify strengths and areas benefitting from support in your vital body (physical form), your mental body (mind), and your suprabody (spirit). 


Working together we can bring more balance, ease, and joy into your Experience.

Vision & Values

At Kizen Living, we aspire to help you design a path to living better because when you tell a story you want to live, you can live a story you want to tell.

Each of us possesses the innate wisdom to heal what is wounded within ourselves and bring balance to our lives and aligned community supports aligned growth for each individual. 

Live on Purpose with Purpose.

As human beings, we all have reasons that justify our actions... even when that action is inaction.  Far too often we look back on something we put off and wish we had done it sooner.  Sometimes we realize that
the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. 
What are your reasons for making the choices you are making today?




Self Esteem




Anger Management


Leslie has been a beacon of light for me in guidance to self-centering and wellness...

Tara B.

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