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Parenting by Design: Aligned with Harmony

How Quantum Human Design can help parents and children experience harmony and success in their relationships every day.

Parenting, a journey filled with joy, challenges, and countless learning opportunities, often prompts us to seek innovative approaches for understanding and connecting with our children. In the realm of "Parenting by Design," we explore how Quantum Human Design can be a transformative tool, offering parents valuable insights to foster harmony and success in their relationships with their children. Grounded in the principles of development and personality assessment, we unveil a holistic approach to parenting that nurtures happiness, health, and wealth.


Quantum Human Design recognizes that each individual is uniquely wired, and the same holds true for our children. Embracing this truth, the first step in "Parenting by Design" involves understanding and honoring the individuality of each child's body. Tailor your approach to their physical needs, whether it's through nutritious meals, sufficient sleep, or activities that align with their unique energy.

By aligning parenting practices with the individual needs of your child's body, you create a foundation for well-being and physical harmony.


The second pillar of personal improvement at Kizen Living, the brain, plays a pivotal role in understanding and connecting with your child. Quantum Human Design sheds light on their cognitive preferences, allowing you to tailor communication and learning styles accordingly. Foster a mindset of curiosity and open-mindedness, recognizing that each child's brain is wired uniquely.

Nurturing a child's cognitive preferences promotes a positive parent-child relationship, fostering a sense of understanding and mutual respect.


Quantum Human Design emphasizes the importance of recognizing a child's unique energy blueprint. In "Parenting by Design," incorporating breathwork becomes a powerful tool to manage emotions, both for parents and children. Teach your child mindful breathing techniques to navigate stress and emotions, fostering emotional intelligence from a young age.

By integrating breathwork into daily routines, you create a harmonious environment that supports emotional well-being and resilience.

Living Better: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy:

As we embark on the journey of "Parenting by Design," the can realign to your own body, brain, and breath to be guided in the most aligned ways toward a life rich in happiness, health, and wealth.

  1. Happiness: Tailoring parenting strategies to honor the uniqueness of both the parent and the child cultivates a positive and joyful atmosphere.

  2. Health: Recognizing and meeting the individual physical needs of both the parent and the child establishes a foundation for holistic health.

  3. Wealth: Investing in your child's cognitive development and emotional intelligence builds a wealth of skills and resilience for their future.

"Parenting by Design" invites us to view parenting through a new lens—one that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of each child. By incorporating Quantum Human Design principles, grounded in the wisdom of the body, brain, and breath, we pave the way for a harmonious and successful parent-child relationship. As we embrace the journey of parenthood, let us be guided by the knowledge that our children are not only our greatest teachers but also uniquely designed individuals deserving of understanding, love, and support.

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